Citrine Crystal Tumble In A Corded Necklace


Radiating a gentle aura of warmth and positivity, the black Corded Necklace gracefully presents a luminous, light amber Citrine tumble. The radiant Citrine displays hues reminiscent of the sun, transitioning from soft, golden tones to richer, amber shades, enveloping the wearer in feelings of delight and ample positivity. The polished and tumbled texture of the crystal hangs suspended from the black cord, serving as a symbol of the delicate equilibrium between inner strength and hopeful outlook. Whether donned as a resplendent ornament or harnessed for its dynamic metaphysical qualities, this necklace extends an invitation to embrace the elevating vigor of Citrine. It inspires bursts of creativity, boosts self-assurance, and fosters an all-encompassing radiant perspective


Radiating a sense of warmth and positivity, the ebony Corded Necklace offers a graceful platform to display a polished Citrine crystal. Its radiant Citrine tones, spanning from gentle gilded hues to richer amber shades, imbue the wearer with feelings of happiness and opulence. The polished, softly textured crystal hangs on the dark cord, embodying the harmonious blend of resilience and hopefulness. Whether worn as an exquisite accessory or embraced for its vibrant attributes, this necklace welcomes the invigorating essence of Citrine into your world, stimulating inventiveness, self-assurance, and an effervescent perspective.