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Unlock Your Potential with VIABLE Crystals & Jewelry

The Power of VIABLE Crystals and Jewelry

Welcome to the grand launch of We’re launching the VIABLE brand to help people find quality natural crystals and differentiate us from typical “crystals” people buy from unknown sources. Here at VIable crystals we do our very best to source our crystals, Gemstones and Jewelry from well known regions of the world. Mainly from Brazil/Peru (Amazonian Mines). These regions are known not only for their quality minerals, but for having had cultures (the Incas for instance) and now their descendants that know how to be harness, prepare and use them successfully. The majority of our crystal jewelry are carefully hand crafted by local Peruvian artisans to enhance your life in extraordinary ways that help in focusing your intentions until you reach your goals.

For centuries, people worldwide have crystals, gemstones and jewelry to enhance their lives.  Science agrees that each type of crystal has unique properties that have made them useful in many types of manufactured products: Here are some of the ways Crystals and Gemstones have been used over the centuries…

  1. Jewelry: Gemstones, with their dazzling colors and unique properties, have been extensively used in jewelry making for centuries. Precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are cut and polished to enhance their beauty and then set in various metals to create exquisite jewelry pieces.
  2. Technology and Electronics: Crystals play a crucial role in modern technology and electronics. Quartz crystals, for instance, are used in electronic oscillators and timing devices like quartz watches. Their piezoelectric properties make them ideal for generating precise frequencies and helping maintain accurate timekeeping.
  3. Optics and Lasers: Certain gemstones, like sapphires and ruby, can be used as optical materials. They are employed in lasers and other light-emitting devices due to their ability to amplify light through a process called stimulated emission.
  4. Medicine: Crystals and gemstones have been used historically in traditional medicine for their perceived healing properties. Although these claims may not be supported by scientific evidence, crystals are still utilized in some alternative medicine practices.
  5. Cutting and Polishing Tools: Industrial-grade diamonds, which are essentially crystals of carbon, are extremely hard and durable. They are used as cutting and polishing tools for various materials, including other gemstones, metals, and concrete.
  6. Abrasives: Garnets and other abrasive gemstones are used in various industries as abrasive materials for cutting, grinding, and sanding applications. They are particularly useful in waterjet cutting processes.
  7. Semiconductors: Some semiconductors are made from crystal materials like silicon and germanium. These crystals form the basis of integrated circuits and are essential components in electronic devices such as computers and smartphones.
  8. Metaphysical and Spiritual Products: While not scientifically proven, crystals and gemstones are believed by some to possess metaphysical and healing properties. As a result, they are used in various products such as crystal-infused water bottles, meditation aids, and energy-balancing tools.
  9. Decorative and Artistic Applications: Gemstones and crystals are used in decorative art and architecture to add elegance and luxury. They can be incorporated into sculptures, mosaics, and intricate designs in buildings.
  10. Energy Storage: Researchers are exploring the use of crystals in energy storage systems. For example, lithium-ion batteries commonly contain lithium cobalt oxide, which forms a crystal structure to store and release energy efficiently.

In summary, crystals and gemstones have found a wide range of applications in products and industries due to their unique physical and chemical properties. From jewelry and electronics to medical practices and cutting-edge technologies, these beautiful and fascinating minerals continue to play an essential role in our modern world.

Experience the Natural Beauty

Our crystals and gemstones are sourced mainly from Brazilian mines, known for producing some of the highest-quality minerals in the world. We take pride in selecting only the finest stones, ensuring that each piece in our collection is a testament to the raw beauty of nature.

From mesmerizing amethysts to vibrant citrines, our range of crystals will captivate your senses and fill your space with positive energy. Whether you’re looking for a centerpiece for your home or a personal talisman, we have the perfect crystal to suit your needs.

Artisan-Crafted Jewelry

Our Peruvian artisans are masters in their craft, with a deep understanding of crystals and gemstones. They skillfully transform these natural treasures into stunning pieces of jewelry that not only enhance your physical appearance but also resonate with your inner being.

Each jewelry piece is carefully designed and crafted to highlight the unique properties of the crystals it holds. From delicate necklaces to statement rings, our collection offers something for everyone. Embrace the power of crystal jewelry and let it become a reflection of your own inner radiance.

Unlock Your Potential Today

At VIABLE Crystals, we believe that everyone has the power to shape their own destiny. With our carefully curated collection of crystals and jewelry, you can tap into your innate potential and manifest your dreams into reality.

Explore our website and discover the beauty and power of VIABLE Crystals. From enhancing your meditation practice to attracting abundance, our collection has something for every aspect of your life.

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